Attack on Titan Episode 36 / Season 2 Episode 11 – Charge

Attack on Titan Episode 36 Armoured Titan.JPG

The 36th episode of Attack on Titan (a.k.a Shingeki no Kyogin), or the 11th episode of season two, is an extremely notable point in the series. This is the episode in which everything these recent episodes have brought to the table finally diverge, the episode that sets up for the conclusion to what has been an interesting arc and a slight tonal shift in the series. And, certainly, something worth talking about whether you be a fan of the first or prefer the tone of the second season.

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Attack on Titan Episode 35/ Season 2 Episode 10 – Children

AoT 2

So the latest episode of Attack on Titan just dropped, and my feeling’s are extremely mixed – I do like the direction season 2 takes opposed to season 1 (That being the Horror/Mystery feel of the show), but it would certainly still be nice to see some of the epic action scenes we got from the previous season. Exposition is alright when done well, but I think Wit have a little bit to work towards on that front. Maybe they should go watch some Monogatari, or something. Other than that, there is actually a gem of a scene in this episode, which I’ll get to later.

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