Top 5 Anime to watch in Summer 2017

So you want to keep up with the talk, you want to be carried along by the roller-coaster that is seasonal anime? Well, you’ve came to the right place. Well, sort of. I actually struggled to find the 5 series’ I was most excited for, a lot of it is either sequels or just shows that I have absolutely nothing to go on but, that’s exactly the reason we gotta pinpoint some anime to look out for. This list is based entirely on my own opinions and what I’m personally looking forward to, in-fact I’m going to be trying to insert my own opinions more so in to future posts from now on. So, my tastes obviously aren’t going to align with everyone else in the world, but hopefully you’ll be able to look forward to something on this list. Without further a-do, let’s continue with number 5. Oh, also, I’ll be using AniChart and MyAnimeList in order to grab information about shows and will only be covering new or sequels of full length shows (OVA’s, Movies and more will be covered at another time).

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