How collectable card game Faeria provides a solution to a major problem with Hearthstone

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Faeria manages to offer one thing that I would consider to be one of the biggest shortcomings of a lot of card collecting games. That being options. Many of these games have their own niches and ways to be played but I think it’s safe to say they all possess the same core mechanics at heart; gain resources, summon cards and reduces your opponent’s hit points to 0. However, the lack of options in some of these games can actually end up weighing down enjoyment after extended periods of playing time. That is, they begin fun when you’re first starting out and facing off against other people that are new to the game, but as you progress through the ladder, or perhaps start to understand the game more, you realise that there’s simply specific decks that reign over everything else. They might change as the meta shifts but there’s always something at the top. And this becomes a bigger issue the less options you have in order to counter that and play differently depending on the situation.

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