Eromanga-sensei Episode 9 – Fairy Island


I’m a little late on this one, but the newest episode of the cute girl anime of the season a.k.a “Eromanga-Sensei” was released a couple days ago and I thought it might be about the right time to write about it. Although this particular anime might not exactly be up my street  (Harem and Imouto are not genre’s I’m really in to), the past couple of episodes have been a slight step up, and I’d like to discuss why.

Episode 9 of Eromanga-Sensei is interesting, it takes a rather cliché trope of anime, the beach episode, and adds a little touch to make the viewers care slightly more than they might usually. That touch, being Yamada-sensei’s pseudo confession.

The episode starts off quite light-heartedly, much as you would expect from a beach episode. It is important to note, however, that the show specifically makes a point of leaving Eromanga-sensei at home in order to give the full attention of the episode to Yamada. Although I would personally rather the show focus solely on the more established love interest, I still think if they’re going to have an episode based around Yamada that this is important. It creates a slight pocket in the show for those who are interested in the specific relationship between the two writers, and I think that can be important in its own sense.

Next up is a few different scenes that are seemingly simply just there to make us laugh. And, whilst they do achieve this, I do think there’s some light foreshadowing going on here. Intertwined between the light-hearted interactions and jokes presented by the one-off character (Yamada’s older brother), there are definitely some important things to be said about Yamada and her backstory. Throughout watching this, I was most definitely expecting something a bit more serious to happen later in the episode that would help fully define her as a character, and I’m pleasantly surprised to say it delivered.


So, on to the big moment of the episode, Yamada’s speech about her past and her confession to wanting to marry Masamune. This scene stands out when compared to the entire series – It looks pretty, the dialogue is interesting and the characters react in entertaining and engaging ways. The thing is, these are both things that have brought down my enjoyment of the series as a whole previously. Sometimes, characters have acted out of place and the general directing has been fairly mediocre. But this scene proves the fact that the show can do some fun things, and does so in a way that’s relevant to the two characters on screen. The two bounce off each other on a visually pleasing backdrop and stay well in character for the majority of the conversation. Even the fireflies around them almost feel as if they’re representing a part of Yamada’s character, glowing like her passion and dedication towards the man she loves. My only problem with this scene is, however well it is done, it’s hard to consider it particularly impactful on the story as a whole. After-all, we’ve already established the fact that Masamune will only love his little sister, but perhaps that’s more-so an issue with the series as a whole rather than this specific episode.


Overall though, how does the episode compare to the rest of the series? Whilst I wouldn’t consider it to be as stand-out as episode 8 and although I’m not personally in love with the series as a whole, I do still think it holds up well on its own if you’re interested in the characters present. It’s got some good laughs and some moments of pretty good directing, especially when compared to what’s seen throughout the rest of the series. In-fact, these past couple of episodes have started a bit of an upwards trend for the show as a whole. I’m actually quite looking forward to the next episode, something I haven’t been able to say too much when talking about the series previously.


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